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My name is Lisa Lahti. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.  I attended Thomas Jefferson High School in Dallas for two years then my family moved to Grand Prairie, Texas where I attended South Grand Prairie High and graduated in '85. Also, where I meet and married my high school sweetheart.

My husband and I took resident in North Texas, where we raised three children and then had six grandchildren.

I started writing at the age of 14.  I have always loved to read and was known as a 'book worm'. What motivated me to start writing was the style of books I enjoyed.  I was into first love, family drama novels, but all the ones I came across were all the same. 

Boy meets girl. They fall in love. They have a misunderstanding and break-up.  Then they get back together and live happily ever after.  The only difference was the character's name or the scenery of the story.

I became bored with those stories.  Deep down I felt 'First Love' wasn't really like that.  I wanted more out of my love for reading.  I was 14 years old; I wasn't blind, I knew real life wasn't like a happy ending fairy-tail.  That's when I came up with the 'Michael and Jessie' story.  At first, the story started out as a first love between two high school kids.  Getting married and having kids.  But after years and years of writing, as well as get married myself and having children, my imagination took over.  The more I wrote, the deeper the story went.  Turning an innocent 200-page story of first love into a five-book series about a young couple trying to make it out in a grown-ups world.  

Even thou I started writing my own believes of what 'First Love' is like, I still read others.  I'm a huge fan of V C Andrews and Nora Roberts. As well as, Stephenie Meyer.  I feel she covered 'First Love' to the T with her 'Twilight' Series.

Thanks for dropping by and being a fan.  Enjoy and Happy Reading.


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