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Is an unusual love story between two teens, who find themselves ending up in marriage against the wishes of their families. It happened too quickly for fifteen-year-old Jessie, and before she could think about Michael's past, taking precautions, and using protection, it is already too late: she is pregnant by eighteen-year-old Michael. In spite of Michael's reassurance that he will handle everything, it is hard for Jessie to feel confident and certain that all will be well. Is Michael ready for the challenges that awaits his new family, and can he and Jessie mature quickly enough to keep their family together against the storm that looms ahead?

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                             is the 2nd book of the Michael and Jesse Series.


The morning after the big fight was just the beginning of all the life facing crisis that started to fall at Michael’s doorsteps. The world that Michael and Jesse had created was falling apart right before his eyes. And it seemed that the more and more he tried to correct the issues, the more they developed and challenged his ability to care.  There was only one thing that could fix the mistakes that Michael has made for himself and his family. He never had to rely on anyone or anything so much before in his life until now. The problem is, will Jesse wake up from the coma and have all the answers that will save the love of her life and her family. And will she be able to put all the broken pieces back together that created the world she and Michael had grown to love and cherish? Or will Michael have to pay the ultimate price of freedom and lose the love of his life, because Jessie woke up from the coma saying, ‘enough is enough’ and walked away letting Michael clean up his own mess?

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It has taken Jessie eight years to move forward with her life. She is now divorced from her childhood love, Michael Davis. She has a job where she is managing a night club, for a sweet man who took her in as a daughter. She has a new relationship, with a man she has been dating for a while now, that treats her like a gift from heaven. Her past is now all but, in the past, she felt. That is until she opened the office door and came face to face with the one person she thought she would never see again. Michael had signed up, unknowingly, to play at her club for the month. One look at each other, again, and the feelings came pouring back. Michael admitted he was still in love with her and he wanted to pick up where they left off. But Jessie only agreed to friendship, for she only wanted one thing from him, and that was her twins back. As they go in together to locate the twins, Michael tries to give Jessie the space she wants. The time he feels she needs to come to terms with her true feelings for him. But what she doesn’t know is, Michael has been carrying around a secret that could change their past. Change all the years that Jessie has worked so hard to put behind her. Making her life more confusing than ever because of her new relationship and the memories of the past.

Can Michael locate the twins and get them back for her? And in the meantime, can he convince Jessie that they should still be together? As the family, they were meant to be.  And most of all, should he tell Jessie his big secret? And hope for the best, that it all falls in his favor.

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