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The Michael & Jessie Series

For over twenty-two years, Michael and Jessie fought to be together and went through more life crises than anyone could possibly handle in a lifetime. They loved, hated, and lost, all in the name of first love.

As the saying goes – ‘how can you love someone so much and hate them at the same time?’ – Michael’s and Jessie’s story can tell how that’s possible. If you haven’t had the pleasure to read Michael’s and Jessie's story, yet please do so. I can promise it’s an unusual love story that is so real to life and hard to put down.


Book One – Michael, Is It True

Michael, Is It True – starts with the young couple getting married and learning to live in the real world and deal with whatever crisis they face.

Book Two – Yes, Jessie, It’s True

Yes, Jessie, It’s True – is the conclusion of the issues in book one. Initially, it was another part to book one, but my editor said it was too lengthy. To make it stand on its own. The start of turning a single book into a series. It started up at the same morning book one ends, but now in the third person point of view.

Book Three – Two’s Company Three’s A Crowd

Two’s Company Three’s A Crowd – picks up Michael and Jessie's story eight years later when their path crosses again. It will catch you up on some events they went through in the eight years of being apart. And hands them more life issues to handle.

Book Four – Haunted Past – The Conclusion of Michael & Jessie

Haunted Past – is the final book of the series. There’s about a two-year gap, and it now takes place in California, where before it was Texas base. More life crises and an ending that must bring the couple to a close. Enjoy!

Book Five – Love Has No Boundaries – The Beginning of Michael & Jessie

Love Has No Boundaries – was originally the beginning part of Michael, Is It true, but the story was getting too long that I pulled it out to make it stand on its own as an addition to the series. So, in honesty, it’s the first book of their story, and that’s why it’s subtitled THE BEGINNING.

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Is an unusual love story between two teens, who find themselves ending up in marriage against the wishes of their families. It happened too quickly for fifteen-year-old Jessie, and before she could think about Michael's past, taking precautions, and using protection, it is already too late: she is pregnant by eighteen-year-old Michael. In spite of Michael's reassurance that he will handle everything, it is hard for Jessie to feel confident and certain that all will be well. Is Michael ready for the challenges that awaits his new family, and can he and Jessie mature quickly enough to keep their family together against the storm that looms ahead?

                              Book One of the Michael & Jessie Series 

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